Personal assistant

You are a CEO, a lawyer or a member of an executive committee and your time is precious.
So that you are free to focus on the important issues, our Personal Assistant takes charge of all your personal and professional requests,
foresees your requirements and interprets your expectations.

Offering you greater freedom of action

Finding the time to focus on the essentials is today an invaluable luxury

From the everyday to the exceptional

Organisation of your transport, travel arrangements, personal or corporate event planning, private secretarial services, domestic help, real estate, art and culture, sport, well-being.

Whether your needs are regular or on a one-off basis, whether they concern the everyday or an emergency, your Personal Assistant will take over and ensure your peace of mind.

Privileges and advantages

Thanks to their unique address book, your Personal Assistant offers you exclusive advantages and privileges.

Reserved just for you, these are selected carefully by your Personal Assistant to ensure an exceptional Conciergerie experience.

Private concierge and customer service

For corporate groups and luxury brands, we design a genuine customer relations strategy.
Whether creating emotion, building loyalty or winning over new target markets, we work hand in hand with you to meet your professional challenges and implement your customer strategy.


Bespoke services to create a memorable experience

A private conciergerie service available up to 24/7

Prestige service
Bespoke service
Available throughout the world


White label solutions
Client knowledge

Enhancing the customer experience

Initial contacts, appointments and meetings, after-sales service, back-office, processing claims, crisis units:
we rely discreetly on your customer relations strategy to serve your interests.

Customer relations

Share your goals with us so that we can define together the concept of customer relations

Receptive and hospitality

Our international savoir-faire and expertise in protocol and welcoming distinguished guests
enable us to receive and accompany your strategic customers, foreign personalities and VIP.


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Consulting and auditing

Redefining the customer experience

Working with leading corporations and premium brands, we create an efficient, coherent customer experience from start to finish.

Enhancing emotion for a competitive edge

Setting oneself apart makes it possible to gain customers and build loyalty.
Our expertise is at the service of your strategy to create a customer experience that marries emotion with exception.

Making the customer journey a unique experience

A powerful customer journey is no longer enough to win over new markets.
Making an impact, offering a superlative experience and being unique are prerequisites to all growth.

For the customer experience to be coherent, unparalleled and unique – no matter what the touch point – our consultants will help you achieve your goals.

Our mission is to serve your interests in both the short and the long term

We work alongside you to develop a customer promise, create a unique customer journey and transform the customer relation into a source of revenue.

Performance audit

“Mystery customer” survey

Strategic analysis

Customer experience

Customer strategy

Customer journey

Support with the implementation