Personal assistant


Personal assistant

You are a CEO, a lawyer or a member of an executive committee and your time is precious.
So that you are free to focus on the important issues, our Personal Assistant takes charge of all your personal and professional requests,
foresees your requirements and interprets your expectations.


Offering you greater freedom of action

Finding the time to focus on the essentials is today an invaluable luxury

From the everyday to the exceptional

Organisation of your transport, travel arrangements, personal or corporate event planning, private secretarial services, domestic help, real estate, art and culture, sport, well-being.

Whether your needs are regular or on a one-off basis, whether they concern the everyday or an emergency, your Personal Assistant will take over and ensure your peace of mind.

Privileges and advantages

Thanks to their unique address book, your Personal Assistant offers you exclusive advantages and privileges.

Reserved just for you, these are selected carefully by your Personal Assistant to ensure an exceptional Conciergerie experience.