Giving time to those who have none

SME directors and members of executive or management boards define strategy and make major decisions.

They all share the fact that their time is precious and they therefore need to make the most of it.

Let your personal assistant handle the everyday issues

Your Personal Assistant understands your demands, foresees your needs, anticipates your desires, outperforms your expectations and takes charge of everything for you.

Hand over personal requests to your Personal Assistant and dedicate yourself to the essentials.

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Be present to share time with those who count while at the summit of your professional career

Optimise your professional activity by delegating the management of your everyday life to your Personal Assistant.

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Law firms

Take the time to experience the essential

For you legal professionals, time is precious.

Whether in consultation, court or client meetings, all your attention and your time is dedicated to your clients.

Take back control of your everyday activities by delegating them to your Personal Assistant.

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A personal assistant to see to all your demands

Giving back full control of your time is both our vocation and our promise.
Our Personal Assistant service lets you regain control over what you have been missing and lets you fully enjoy those essential moments.

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A relationship of confidence in complete independence

Our Personal Assistants’ expertise concords with a strict code of professional ethics.

Bound by confidentiality, like our members, they develop a privileged relationship of trust with you and become familiar with your habits, tastes and preferences.

Because your time is precious and it is important to make the most it, your full satisfaction is our only goal.

Private banks and family office

Family office, private bank, or subsidiary of a major banking group, you act each day in the best interest of your clients.

Build loyalty and increase your base of asset management clients

Directly in contact with your clients or in the back office to support you, we intervene in the key moments of your relationship with clients.

24/7 availability

Available, responsive and attentive to every wish, our Private Concierges work alongside financial advisers to provide privileged clients with exceptional service and memorable experiences.

Premium brands

Automobile, yachting, watchmaking, jewellery: premium brands all seek to create notable experiences for their clients
to make them feel unique.

Enhance your customer experience

Hand in hand with leading luxury brands, we intervene at all steps along the customer journey, from research to evaluation to achievement.

Generate emotion with a memorable experience

Helping you to foster commitment and customer loyalty

Customer loyalty and business development

A pure player advising luxury and premium brands, our Private Conciergerie expertise allows us to intervene with bespoke services, including white label solutions, for a comprehensive programme.

Travel agencies

Make each journey an extraordinary moment

Each trip is unique: we therefore work alongside travel agencies and tour operators to design an exceptional journey.

In France and abroad, travelling is not a simple pastime, it is an art in itself.
And this art requires a very specific savoir-faire.

Bespoke arrangements

Capitalizing on our insider knowledge and industry relations, we organise custom travel arrangements, designed to offer you ultimate comfort.

According to your needs, we take charge of all travel and transfers, seeking out exclusive holiday resorts, organising activities, suggesting expeditions, recommending little-known venues to explore
and unearthing the very best service providers and addresses.

A service dedicated to your VIP customers

We provide reception services and take charge of travellers both in France and abroad.
In addition, we have developed excellent experience over the years in accompanying clients from Asia, Russia and the Middle East.

Real estate companies

Increasing the profitability of property portfolios

Whether estate agencies or property managers, our clients establish, manage and operate real estate portfolios.
Working with various trades related to the field, they operate at all levels to enhance, maintain and market the properties under their responsibility.

Major challenges

Whether helping to increase the occupancy rate, pivoting from a focus on construction to a focus on services or developing the charm of a site, we customise our solutions to fully correspond to your business needs.

Since property exists through those who maintain it, we design services in line with your needs and objectives.

Our references

Private parties

Our services are reserved for a clientele of executives, lawyers, leading industrialists, foreign personalities and diplomats.

Leading corporations and premium brands

The very quintessence of Customer Service, our services are regularly customised for the needs of leading corporations and luxury brands,
with a view to building the loyalty of their preferred customers or executives, conquering new markets and achieving their strategic objectives.

Our corporate clients

We are proud to serve major corporations, luxury brands and private banks.
Proof of their trust and loyalty are our very best rewards.


A strategy of excellence at the service of our clients

Serving a discerning, international clientele of private individuals and businesses,
TAO PRESTIGE is committed to a strategy of excellence to ensure the full satisfaction of its clients.

A strategy that is measured by tangible results.


of our members’ requests have been successfully satisfied, from the simplest to the most complex


of our members call on our services regularly


of our members frequently recommend our services


of our clients remain loyal from the very day