TOP 5 Extraordinary Requests

TOP 5 Extraordinary Requests

TAO PRESTIGE commits to providing each client with a dedicated Concierge perfectly familiar with their desires, habits and preferences.

The relationship between our Private Concierges and our clients is, first and foremost, one of confidence and trust.

A private evening at the Vatican

The request of one of our TAO PRESTIGE members was unequivocal: organise an exceptional evening.

Without missing a beat, our Private Concierges came together to find the one unique venue that would remain engraved in memory.

And since anything goes when it’s a question of meeting a request of our clients, we decided to privatise the Vatican for a truly momentous gala.

An escapade in the heart of the Alps

To satisfy one of our members, our Concierges unearthed a luxury chalet, perched high up in the Alps, fitted out exclusively for two people.

And, the height of luxury: accessible only by snowmobile, with a dedicated hotel service to ensure a skiing holiday that would be both intimate and memorable.

An exceptional marriage proposal

Organising a marriage proposal, even in Miami, would seem to be a fairly simple affair.

When it requires recreating a legendary scene from the bride’s favourite film, however, it represents a serious undertaking (choice of setting, tailor-made clothing, seeking the right venues, etc.).

The request became a real challenge. Mission accomplished for the Private Concierge, following a painstaking quest down to the very last detail, including a replica of the helicopter in the film... And a roof to take off from!

Holidays in Paradise

Only a privileged few have cavorted on the white sandy beaches of Lord Howe Island off the Australian coast, explored this earthly paradise so far from the human gaze and savoured a stay in an exceptional villa.

The client dreamed of it; their Private Concierge made the dream come true.

Repairing a 4x4 in the midst of a safari

A breakdown... In Uganda, in the very remote Bwindi region where the client had gone in search of gorillas while on a safari.

A Private Concierge is also a guardian angel to be called on when in need of immediate help.