Our services

Our Services

Becoming a member gives you access to the most precious asset of all, time

Your Private Concierge is at your disposal, throughout the world,
ready to meet all your personal and professional requests.


Your Private Concierge will stand in for you to handle all your daily tasks, from A to Z.

Your Private Concierge will run your errands, organise deliveries and supervise your home-based service providers.


You can leave with total peace of mind.
As a professional, your Private Concierge will have taken care of every detail of your trip.
You can therefore make the most of every moment.

Leisure & Outings

Recommending the most popular exhibitions of the day or finding details on the next concert of your favourite group,
your Private Concierge will also meet any last-minute requests for sold-out events.

Getaways & holidays

Your Private Concierge will ensure that your trips are all unique unforgettable experiences. They will seek out holiday resorts and make arrangements for your activities and expeditions on site.
Each weekend, short getaway or stay becomes a moment of privilege to be shared with a loved one, friends or family.


Your Private Concierge will advise you and open the doors to the most exclusive restaurants.
From discovering a new address to reserving a table in the most sought-after venues.

Sporting events & shows

Theatre, concerts or sporting events, your Private Concierge will book the very best seats for the show of your choosing.
Even if the selected event is already sold out.

Art & culture

Your Private Concierge will be available every day to help you live fully your passions.
Opera, cultural events or searching for works of art, they will advise you with regard to your interests and preferences.


Personal shopping, tailor-made clothing, cleaning and care of shoes, barbershop services: discover or rediscover the universe of renowned fashion houses. Take advantage as well of exclusive partnerships with leading brands.

Special events

In line with your wishes and preferences, your Private Concierge works alongside you to organise your private events.
For an evening with friends, a birthday, a special occasion, the Concierge will bring your project to life with tact and finesse.

Night life & clubbing

Your Private Concierge is at your service to answer your every wish and help you thoroughly enjoy the night life of a city, discover a trendy bar or be informed of the latest “in” clubs and events.

Family and children

Whether it be searching for leisure activities, managing registrations or organising childcare, your Private Concierge takes charge of all the details to allow you to enjoy the joys of time together with your children.


Seconded by our real estate department, your Private Concierge conducts the search for your primary or second home.
Whether it be selecting the very best architects, monitoring the works or organising the move, your Private Concierge lets you fully enjoy your property without any of the constraints.

Private secretary

For drafting correspondence, comparing quotes or any other administrative chores in your charge, your Private Concierge is at your side to assist or to handle the task for you.

Expert consultants

For detailed information or support, whether it is in the legal, fiscal, or notarial domain, your Private Concierge will find the best expert to meet your expectations.

Sport and training

To practise your favourite sport, find a training room, book a reservation on a golf course or any other request concerning sports, your Private Concierge will take care of all the details. Thereby allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your sport training with total peace of mind.

Relaxation and well-being

Looking to recharge your batteries and relax? Your Private Concierge will select for you the best establishments available for a moment of well-being either at a spa or at home.

Emergencies and assistance throughout the world

Your Private Concierge is available, everywhere, every minute.
You can travel the world over without worry, your Private Concierge will take charge of your every request.
When you are travelling, their availability and assistance are unfailing.

Service VIP

Do you want to sit in the Paddock Club at the Monaco Grand Prix? Privatize the Vatican for a memorable evening gala? Discover a private art collection?
Your Private Concierge makes all your wishes for the exceptional come true.