Backstage to the filming


The seed of the idea was planted one morning when spring was just around the corner:
TAO PRESTIGE needed to make its first corporate film. As a result, an ambitious project took shape. Positioned in the Luxury sector, serving an exacting clientèle of private individuals, diplomats and leading corporations, and embodying strong values of excellence and superlative customer service, TAO PRESTIGE wanted to make a visually appealing film incorporating the codes of the seventh art. In short, the aim was to create an art film depicting the unique spirit of TAO, its differences and its values, in a way that imbued its messages with meaning. “It seemed obvious to us that we should dedicate this first corporate film to our members as well as depicting the added value of our services...That was what we needed to showcase. “ explained Laurence Rimbeuf, Chair of TAO PRESTIGE.


To make its first film, “Haven’t you ever dreamt...?”, TAO PRESTIGE initially approached a number of producers and artists from the world of cinema. The discussions and briefing sessions that then followed over the course of almost a year helped to fine-tune the film project, define the right mood and envision a few initial scenes, but did not succeed in bringing the film properly to life. “Lots of scenarios were suggested, but none of them managed to accurately convey TAO’s distinguishing strength [...] Understanding our world and the meaning we wanted this film to have proved to be a real challenge,” said Emeline Pasquier, Head of Group Communications. The lightbulb moment came when one day, almost by chance, Laurence Rimbeuf met Augustin Lacape, a hugely talented young filmmaker with a different approach to directing and producing a film. A member of the Mowdjo collective of directors and designers, Lacape took an enthusiastic interest in the project, delighting the team with the speed with which he gained a grasp of the world of Private Conciergerie and the emotion that TAO PRESTIGE wanted to create in the film. The project came to life in a few short months, with a multidisciplinary team working day and night on successive iterations, following TAO PRESTIGE’s well known, well loved recipe for success: listening, challenging and excelling.


A film is a work of art that would be nothing without music, so TAO PRESTIGE approached the composer Suna~ to create an original soundtrack for the film. An inspiring musician and composer, Suna~ had the daunting task of creating a musical accompaniment that was noticeable enough to convey the mood of the film, captivating enough to transport the viewer and low-key enough to tiptoe through the storyline without overwhelming the messages the film conveys. Like Suna~’s own repertoire, the sources of inspiration in pursuit of the right melody were diverse, ranging from Moby to Muse and taking in Dauwd. After suggesting several types of melody, Suna~ composed the soundtrack for the film, to unanimous approval.


Since TAO PRESTIGE was founded, it has repeatedly demonstrated that there are two hallmarks of real luxury: exceptional service, delivered with the utmost care and attention to every last detail, and the ability to give clients back their time, something of a precious commodity these days. These days, the only way to reconcile professional and personal aspirations with the multiple facets of life is through exemplary time management. The film “Haven’t you ever dreamt...?” was therefore devised as an allegory of the relationship between luxury and time.


A number of celebrities and iconic personalities inspired the making of the film, including the Rolling Stones and Pierce Brosnan, who not only provided a source of inspiration, but ultimately also featured in the film. Our heartfelt thanks to them.



TAO is available to its members throughout the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the everyday to the extraordinary, TAO acts in the very best tradition of the Haute Conciergerie with a total commitment to quality, bespoke services and customer satisfaction to provide its members with exceptional service and create unforgettable experiences. TAO’s services may be specifically for individuals, diplomats and senior executives or may be taken up on a case-by-case basis by leading corporations to retain their premium clients, attract new ones and achieve their strategic goals.



Augustin Lacape

Augustin Lacape, a young film-maker and a member of the Mowdjo collective, made his first short film in 2012, for The Supermen Lovers. This project provided visibility for the collective, gradually allowing him to work with artists such as Portland and Basement Beatzz. In 2014, Augustin began working on a series of documentaries. 2015 saw new documentary and short film projects get underway.


Suna~ (Opening Light / Discograph)

After signing to Opening Light, his win in the remix competition organised by Tsugi magazine gave his fledging career a boost and he signed to Discograph. This producer has proven himself on the Paris stage as a master of sound. In summer 2014, he also dropped into the Pete Monkey Festival alongside Isaac Delusion, L’Impératrice and Thylacine. His last outing saw him making a remix for none other than Angus & Julia Stone. Aside from all this, Suna~ is working on his first EP, due for release in March 2015.