Our expertise

TAO PRESTIGE, a Private Conciergerie company, is available to handle all requests for its members, 24/7, throughout the world.

In the time-honoured Conciergerie tradition, the Group is highly demanding in terms of the quality of the bespoke solutions
it offers clients to ensure their full satisfaction.


Private concierge service and relation B to B

The very quintessence of Customer Relationship, our services are regularly customised to meet the needs of leading corporations and luxury brands, with a view to building the loyalty of their preferred customers while conquering new markets and ensuring their strategic objectives.


Consulting and auditing

Experts in customer relations and customer experience, we help leading corporations and premium brands to optimise their customer journeys and create customer value.

Performance diagnostics, “mystery shopper” surveys, action plans and support in the implementation: we offer bespoke solutions to every situation.


Receptive and hospitality

VIP welcome and support for distinguished guests and foreign personalities, dedicated concierge desk for an event: we also design innovative, high-end hospitality services to ensure the success of your project.

Personal assistant

We work alongside managers, members of executive boards, lawyers and diplomats daily to fulfil their demands and satisfy their every desire.
Helping them to save time, offering them efficient support with all issues, or accompanying them during a trip across the four corners of the world, our team of Private Concierges accompanies our members every day no matter the request.