The story of your private concierge

Experience life as a member of TAO Prestige
and give yourself the luxury of delegating all your personal affairs

Benefit from your very own private concierge service, entirely at your disposal for all your needs.

Their role is to help you save time, enjoying greater freedom to do what you want and experiencing more of life’s important moments by offering you the luxury of delegating all kinds of personal demands.

Your concierge will deal with all your requests with the utmost care, providing you with perfectly tailored solutions to what you require, always in line with your desires and preferences, urgency and budget.

Whatever you need, our team will react with the highest level of care, demonstrating their constant drive for excellence in order to fully satisfy our clients.

Your private concierge will be at your service to take care of all your needs, giving you greater freedom in your everyday life.

They’ll be at your side, every day, truly helping you save time, advising you, offering you the best recommendations, taking the strain off and dealing with any emergencies that may arise, all the while expertly handling any one-off or more unusual requests.

Your private concierge will manage all your everyday responsibilities for you.

They can be there to accept an important delivery, deal with service providers at your home, as well as taking care of any everyday emergencies that might pop up from time to time.

Drafting letters, comparing quotes and dealing with contractors, your private concierge will guide you in making the very best decisions, executing them in line with your strict instructions.

Your private concierge will support you from start to finish in organising all your private events, in accordance with your exact wishes and preferences.

Whether you’re planning an evening with friends, your child’s birthday party or any other special occasion, they will find the perfect venue, organise a caterer, pastry chef or even your very own private chef, alongside entertainment and decorations that your loved ones will adore. Whatever the occasion, your private concierge will meet all your requirements in order to make your next event a truly unforgettable experience.

Your private concierge makes sure to stay abreast of all the latest sports and cultural news, meaning they’re perfectly able to suggest a range of unmissable activities and events.

Keeping you up to date with all your own interests, they can help you fully appreciate your passions in life. Whether recommending the latest exhibitions or telling you about your favourite band’s upcoming concerts, their connections will help you get into all the best events, even when they’re already sold out.

Your private concierge makes it easier to manage your time.

Always available to respond to all your personal requests, they can help you optimise your time, day in, day out, taking all the stress out of your everyday responsibilities. Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, whether to a business lunch or personal meeting, you’ll always be on time. Your private concierge, your trusted confidant, will work hard to give you more of your time back, a real guarantee of success.

Your private concierge will manage all your travel plans according to your needs and preferences.

Renewing your passport, getting a visa within 24 hours, organising fast-track passage through customs, booking a private chauffeur, planning all your connections, they will ensure all your business and personal trips run as smoothly as possible.

Your private concierge is your best ally in finding the perfect work-life balance.

Whether you want to make it to your daughter’s dance recital, cheer on your youngest at their sports day, or perhaps be there to watch your son’s important rugby final, our service means you’ll have more time to be there for your family when it matters, even surprising them at the school gates every now and then.

Your private concierge will bring all their expertise to arranging your travel plans, including organising bespoke travel experiences.

They will find the perfect resorts for you from all over the world, offering you the best recommendations, organising activities and excursions for exploring the local area, telling you all about the very best restaurants, all the while meeting all your requirements so you can enjoy a truly exclusive and relaxing getaway. Your private concierge will only ever insist upon one thing - that you let them fully satisfy your needs.

Your private concierge will be at your service to assist you whilst travelling abroad.

Getting from place to place in the quickest possible way, finding the best local guides to accompany you on day trips, supporting you in case your flights are cancelled, finding a reliable mechanic to repair your 4x4, or simply booking the best nearby hotel room...

Your private concierge will be at your disposal - any time, any place.